Long time have passed since in 2009 we launched our first website and we have great memories from that moment. Our company had been working for a short time  and our  company speech was simple: "More than storytelling".

One of the first quests for DMNTA was "El tea Party de Alaska y Mario" in 2014 for GOOGLE as the first mixed media format produced in Spain.

In 2006, besides covering all the streaming contents for VOGUE.ES platform and after being successfuly in charge in exclusivity of the Vogue Version Original section with hits such "La Misma piel" by Eduardo Casanova we ran the Chicfy production and the popular "CLARO QUE SI GUAPI", the most viral spot of the last ten years which ows its success to the production values in itself. "Chic" is not only a jingle it is actually a smash song which is danced in clubs and not just the contrary. This was an unprecedent event in our country. 

By 2017 we were the first producer to be awarded with three Feroz prized by the Association of film journalists in Spain to a Webseries: "Paquita Salas". (Best comedy series, Best Actor, Best supporting Actress) . Known by everyone, the fiction tv series jumped from the Website Floxer to VOD (Netflix). 

Finally, we cannot forget  #OrgulloTINDER, a manifesto for the gender diversity which was directed by Javi Giner last summer and that just after a week it overtook all the other simultaneous international campaigns. This is another example of organic positioning based on inherent production values for each project which makes of DMNTA a reference for success and an own quality label.